Adopted Dog Save a Babies Life

A dog saved a baby who wasn’t breathing in Portland, Connecticut. On Oct. 16, Daily Mailreported that a dog named Duke woke up the Brousseau’s to alert them that something was wrong with their baby. According to the report, Duke jumped up on the couple’s bed and began “shaking uncontrollably.” When they woke up, they went in to their daughter, Harper’s, room and found that she was not breathing.

“If Duke hadn’t been so scared, we would have just gone to sleep. He’s the perfect dog, he was meant to be ours,” said mom, Jenna Brousseau. Perhaps the most touching part of this story is the fact that Duke was a rescue pup. The Brousseau’s got him from a shelter six years ago.

When a dog saves baby who isn’t breathing, it is usually an amazing story. People often don’t give pets enough credit for being so smart and incredible. There are plenty of instances where a family pet ends up being responsible for saving a life. Naturally, the Brousseau family is so thankful to their dog for waking them up and ultimately saving baby Harper’s life.

After Jenna and her husband found Harper unconscious, they called paramedics who were able to revive the baby before bringing her to the hospital. Doctors believe thatacid reflux could have been the culprit of this serious scare.

Duke is the dog who saved a baby who wasn’t breathing and he is certainly a pup-hero.

Connecticut Rescue Dog Saves Infant's Life

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