Help Our Moms

At ARF Every Day Is Mother’s Day

It’s tough being a single mom when you don’t have a place to call home. Your kittens are hungry and your options are limited. If you’re lucky you might make it to a local shelter, but sadly that’s usually a happier ending for your kittens than it is for you.

Let’s face it times are tough, shelters are overcrowded, and kittens usually get adopted faster than their mothers, so most kill-shelters and many rescue groups put their resources into saving the kittens and leave the moms behind. Many moms don’t even live long enough to see their kittens find forever homes.

That’s where ARF comes in. We always take the moms when we rescue their kittens. It’s a win-win for the moms and their kittens! Kittens that stay with their moms longer are generally healthier and more social, and at just 1-3 years old, the average young moms are still kittens at heart!

To reward these lovely young ladies for being such great moms and to help them find their forever homes, you can adopt one of our featured new moms for just $75 (they’ll have a star by their names). During kitten season ARF donates the rest of the standard $110 adoption fee back into rescuing more moms and kittens.

Benefits of adopting a young mom:

  • Already spayed (cost savings of up to $150)
  • Already vaccinated against rabies (cost savings of $28)
  • Already vaccinated against distemper (cost savings of $28)
  • Require less supervision than young kittens.

Young cats will make themselves at home and form bonds with new housemates just as easily as kittens. If you have a busy schedule you may even find a 1-3 year old cat is easier to integrate into your family.

 Please Help ARF Make Sue No Moms Get Left Behind!

Click here to donate using our wish list, or you candrop off donated supplies at Spotted Paw or Pet Smart in Wheaton or VCA Naper Ridge. This time of year we are grateful for Royal Canin BabyCat (wet and dry) for the kittens and Royal Canin Adult for the moms. Thank you for your generosity!

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