About ARF

Our Philosophy

We believe that all adoptable animals – even the not so perfect ones – deserve safe, loving homes, which is why we often take in, medicate, rehabilitate, and socialize  animals other rescue groups can’t. For many animals ARF is literally their last hope for a second chance.

At ARF it’s all about helping animals! Once basic expenses like food, supplies, medicine and vet bills are covered adoption fees, membership dues, and donations go toward helping abandoned dogs and cats, even those no other rescue groups can take because of their special medical needs. We routinely give animals a second chance at a happy life by paying for surgery, medicine, and long-term care until they are well enough to be adopted. We are 100% volunteer based so no funds go toward paying salaries.

Our Mission

We give animals that society has abandoned, rejected, and neglected a second chance. Through our network of foster home we take in and care for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats while they wait to be adopted – for however long that takes. We are also part of a national network of shelters and humane societies working to make us a no-kill nation.

Our History

  • 1985: ARF was incorporated by a small but dedicated group of volunteers with hopes of doing whatever they could to help animals.
  • 2008: We began housing 6-8 available cats at a time in  the Wheaton PetSmart Cat Center.
  • 2009: We spayed or neutered over 800 dogs/cats in the Chicagoland area, primarily in the Western Suburbs.
  • 2010: A banner year for adoptions! ARF placed over 850 loving dogs and cats in forever homes.
  • 2012: Wheaton’s Spotted Paw and VCA Naper Ridge Animal Hospital became other locations where adopters can meet available ARF cats and dogs.

How You Can Help!

ARF receives NO government funding.  Private donations, membership dues, and adoption fees let us help animals in need. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States so your donation may be tax deductible.   Because ARF is a strictly volunteer based group we are always in need of additional dedicated volunteers. In particular, we need people who will open their homes to an abandoned puppy, dog, cat or kitten and provide them with the TLC they need until they get to their forever home; ARF provides the rest! For more information visit our website: www.ARF-IL.org

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