Help the Feral Cats!

This month, 20/20’s sensationalist reporting called cats “cold-blooded killers.”

It was shoddy and irresponsible at best. At worst, it put cats’ lives in jeopardy—leading to more cats being rounded up and taken to shelters where they’ll likely be killed.

It’s not just 20/20. More than 100 news organizations in the last six weeks have chosen ratings over facts, calling cats “murderers” and “killing machines.” These reports are not only unscientific and incorrect, they’re dangerous. They are making the false claim that cats don’t belong outdoors, which you know just isn’t true.

We have to stop it.

Join me in calling on the media to stop spreading lies about cats.

We want news organizations to know that relying on propaganda from extremist groups is not real journalism. We’ve had enough. Alley Cat Allies has demanded a meeting with 20/20 to make clear how harmful their report was and to set the record straight.

The 20/20 segment blamed cats for the decline of bird species—without any scientific basis and despite overwhelming evidence that humans are responsible for environmental degradation.

If the misconceptions perpetuated by the media take hold, our fight to create safe communities for cats will suffer.

But here’s the thing: these reports won’t stop unless we stop them. And we have to—before the threat elevates and cats are killed.

Sign our petition calling on the media to stop spreading dangerous misinformation that could cost cats’ lives.

We’ve got to come together and speak out, and it’s got to be now.

For the cats,

Becky Robinson
President & Co-founder
Alley Cat Allies
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