Summer Kitten Adoption Extravaganza!

It’s kitten season so hundreds of fluffy new kittens are joining the hundreds of cats already in shelters all across Illinois. Local shelters are literally FULL to capacity, and ARF is ready to help. Thanks to special donations by generous animal lovers we are able to subsidize the adoption fees for kittens adopted in pairs during this year’s kitten season.

Right now you can adopt TWO fully vetted, microchipped kittens under 6 months of age for a subsidized adoption fee of $225/pair (adoption fee for solo kittens is $125 each).

Adopting two kittens doubles the fun and is actually good for the kittens! You can read the full article at

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Kittens in Pairs:

  1. You’re saving two lives instead of one.
  2. One kitten can become lonely. Pairs keep each other company.
  3. Older cats may actually prefer pairs of kittens (they are pretty high energy, after all!)
  4. Two kittens will help train each other on good habits.
  5. Kitten pairs help each other burn off energy.
  6. There are usually fewer behavior problems with two kittens. Beat the boredom, eliminate common “behavior” issues.
  7. Curiosity can overcome “food finickyness.” Classic case of “I want what my sibling wants!”
  8. Kittens love o cuddle! They act as pillows for one another.
  9. Having two kittens is insanely fun! They play off each other for hours of play.
  10. Pairs of kittens usually become friends for life. (Who doesn’t want a best friend?)

If you are considering adopting a kitten, think about your best friend and consider whether you would deprive your kitten of the enrichment a friend brings to life.

Some restrictions apply. Visit to review adoption policies, fill in an online application, and meet our available kittens!

Not ready to adopt? Please consider making a tax deductible donation to ARF so we can continue to save more cats and dogs from over-crowded kill shelters and place them in loving forever homes.

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