Please Help Our Kittens!

Kitten season came early this year and homes are filling up with new moms and moms-to-be ready to give birth.  They all need your help.  Many kittens are born premature – or to a mom too young to know how to be a mom — so our fosters are hand raising these tiny kittens.  Many need special medical care, and ARF does everything possible to help them, but that comes with mounting medical bills.  We know not everyone can foster or adopt, but everyone can help these precious kittens!  Every dollar helps, so please consider donating to help provide medical care during this kitten season.

We expect to spend a minimum of $2500 in medical expenses this kitten season, and a donation of just $10 will help a kitten through to see a healthy adoption. We also have an ARF Supply Wishlist  if you prefer to drop off donations of goods at The Spotted Paw in Wheaton, PetSmart in Wheaton, Wheaton Animal Hospital, Hightails Hideaway in West Chicago or The Barking Lot in Wheaton.  Please just specify that it’s a donation for ARF.

ARF and all the animals we help rely on our network of caring animal lovers to keep us going.  Please help make this a successful kitten season!  Thank you for your generosity!    

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